Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hey! We've moved our blog.


Hey! We've moved our blog.
Hey! We've moved our blog.

Friday, March 2, 2012

NBCHG Workshops

Andi, one of the Landless, was fortunate enough to attend two gardening workshops over the past two weeks put on by the NB Community Harvest Gardens (NBCHG). Both workshops were aimed at beginner gardeners and were jam-packed full of information. The first, called “plotting your plot” was about how to best use your garden space and plan what to grow in the coming season. The second, called “Beginner’s Guide to Starting your Seeds” was hosted by Fredericton Food Bank’s Executive Director Elizabeth Crawford Thurber who covered everything you need to know about starting your seeds indoors and direct seeding outdoors. There was plenty to learn, even for those who have spent a few seasons in the garden already!
NBCHG have many workshops planned for the 2012 season that would be of interest to gardeners of all skill levels. The cost of each workshop is $10 or you can become a general member of NBCHG for $10/year and get into the workshops for free! Check out their website for all the details.

If you are as yet unfamiliar with NBCHG you should check them out immediately here . Landless Gardeners and NBCHG have similar missions of creating space for people in Fredericton to grow food—we both just tackle the goal a little differently. They are an incredible organization who is working to create space all over the city and have already built their first community garden on the North side of Fredericton. Last year was their first growing season, and what a success it was! They are currently on the hunt for land on the South side of the city.

Two Plots Confirmed!

We have been given the go-ahead this year to grow once again at the Very Best bed & breakfast (also known as the “Chuge Plot”) as well as the Renaissance College garden! This is fantastic news as both plots are a great size and very close together (making our efforts hopefully much more efficient).

The Renaissance College Garden (RC Garden) was unfortunately quite neglected last year and saw the growth of many a weed that ended up going to seed. As a result, the RC Garden will most likely prove to be a bigger challenge than Chuge which was properly put to rest last fall. Other than adding some compost to the soil at Chuge, we should be able to get our veggies in with little trouble.

We are grateful to both Renaissance College and the Very Best for their ongoing support of our little grassroots group. The gardens are gearing up to be spectacular this year!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 2012 season has officially begun!

Library of Congress Digital Photography Collection

Landless Gardeners gathered together over some food this past week to hash out a growing
plan for the year. We also ordered and sorted seeds!

It's going to be a great year!

Monday, August 29, 2011

20 food initiatives to get excited about

In the latest issue of Regina's Briarpatch magazine, the staff had a look into some of the country's most exciting food initiatives... and look who made the list!

"Briarpatch is a contemporary issues magazine with a chip on its shoulder and a fire in its belly. Fiercely independent and frequently irreverent, Briarpatchtackles today’s most pressing problems from a radical, grassroots perspective. Publishing bimonthly, Briarpatch conspires to provoke, inspire and empower its readers in their efforts to build a better world..."

20 food initiatives to get excited about

Community kitchens, food costing, markets and more!

Illustration: Claudia Dávila

A recent study on the Canadian food movement found it to be uniquelydecentralized and self-propagating in comparison to other social movements. Through phone and e-mail conversations with food activists across the country, Briarpatch learned about dozens of inter-connected but independent food-related initiatives that together are crafting a network of more sustainable, democratic and inclusive food systems that challenge our current corporate, industrial model. What follows is a small sampling of the most exciting initiatives we came across.


18. Landless GardenersFredericton, N.B.The landless gardeners grow organic vegetables communally on the donated lawns of private landowners in downtown Fredericton. They start their seeds in a greenhouse donated by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. The gardeners are dedicated to promoting and enhancing community gardening in Fredericton and have held numerous public workshops.For more info, e-mail

Click here to view the entire article and see what other exciting initiatives are happening around the country!